PIC programming sessions

The ERB has great pleasure in announcing that the PIC programming sessions will kick off after the school holidays.

Venue:    Brakpan, HS Die Anker.

Time:      18h00 to 21h00


  • Julie, 17 & 31.
  • Augustus, 14 & 28.
  • September, 11 & 18.
  • October, 2, 16 & 30.
  • November, 13 & 27.



  • A laptop computer running Windows.
  • An extension cord for powering your laptop. A double adaptor might also be a good idea.
  • PIC kit 3 Programmer/debugger (Contact Marc if you cant get one)


  • ERB Club members R20 donation per session. (For donation to school and lecturer)
  • Non ERB members R40 per sesion. (For donation to school, lecturer and ERB club)

Please note that this is not a formal course. It is a fun filled informal event to enable HAMs and interested people to learn the basics on how to get started on PIC programming. Learn how the PIK kit 3 programmer/debugger works and the basics on writing your own code.

The course will be presented by Brian Makenzie who is an experienced and established imbeded programmer and electronics developer.

Interested people can contact:

Francois Reyneke (francois@dynotest.co.za) HF Manager of ZS6ERB (East Rand Amateur Radio Club)


Marc D’Hotman (zs6erb@gmail.com) Chair person of ZS6ERB (East Rand Amateur Radio Club)

73 from ZS6ERB

ERB Upcoming events

Hi all you radio active hams


PIC micro course

As discussed at the last meeting the club will be running a PIC course.

Chris, ZS6COG, has secured us a spot at Hoerskool Brandwag (A technical high school in Brakpan) right on Brian’s(ZS6BNM) doorstep.

Francois, ZS6FDX has send Chris a schedule of classes and is just waiting for conformation. Hell or high water, we are going to kick off after the school holiday. Every fortnight, 18h00 to 21h00, Wednesday evenings.

If you are interested in the course please contact Brian or Francois directly. If you are interested in purchasing a PIC Kit 3 programmer and Demo board please contact Marc, ZS6MDH on 083 454 2328 you would need to get R500 to Marc before 25 June(Its on special till then). If you have another programmer you don’t need this one but it is recommended. You can also get the PIC Kit by itelf at any time from Mantech or Avnett Kopp.


The SARL HF Field day

Below is an email from Francois, ZS6FDX regarding the upcoming field day. This will be on the agenda for the next meeting, please bring your ideas with to the meeting.


The SARL HF Field day contest is coming up in the first week in November. Not only do we as a club want to participate, we want to be victorious. We want to win with a landslide and put the Eastranders back where we were for many-many years, at no 1.



The objective of the contest is to make as many as possible contacts over a 24 hour period (12h00 Saturday to 12h00 UTC Sunday).

These contacts will be on all mainstream HF bands. (10, 15, 20, 40, 80 & 160m bands.) The contacts can either be Local (ZS,ZR or ZU) or any other DX entity.

Modes are SSB, CW and DIGITAL.



1. We need to set up a rotatable tri-bander (10,15 & 20m) to work those DX stations.

2. We need to set up at least two sets of inverted “V” antennas for 40 & 80 meter or 40/80m trap wire antennas to work the local stations.

Each set will be orientated so that the radiation lobes will best cover the country. It was particular difficult to make good contacts down to the Eastern Cape at the last field day contest.

3. 160m is questionable but maybe a long wire antenna with tuner might do/ 4. Another idea is to have a 40m 1/4 wave vertical with ground planning to work that early bird DX State Side before sunrise.

5. I was also thinking to bring in a Bevarage antenna or two for those weak stations.


IDEAS AROUND OPERATORS AND SUPPORT PERSONNEL We need the set up a team that consist of the following disciplines.

1. Antenna & feed line experts.

2. Propagation prediction experts.

3. QSL manager for the contest. (getting all the contacts together on putting it on computer.) 4. Phone operators 5. Digital modes operators. (PSK31 etc.) 6. CW Operators 7. Contact scout (Hunting for stations on a receiver and giving info through to operators) 8. Then there is a need for people to help establish camp, sort food and beverages, etc..

This is only draft planning. It is something we can all build on. We still need to find a location, any ideas? If you have any ideas on any thing mentioned in this document, want to add something or change something please feel free to contact me. I will do a presentation on where we stand regarding our battle readiness at the next club meeting and also get inputs from you all there.

ZS6FDX de Francois Reyneke.

ERB Fox hunt and get together 17June 2013

Club MeetingHi

Warm winter wishes to everyone getting this mail. Hopefully you are keeping warm in our wonderful winter African weather.

The scouts have cancelled their camp for this weekend. This has caused an upset with regard to our planned fox hunt and it has now been cancelled. The main idea behind this meeting was to help increase the fox hunting skills of those interested. The club will be running a proper Fox hunt closer to the end of the year.

The next club meeting will be on the 20th July, we will be doing construction at this meeting. More details to follow.