Membership Info

The East Rand Branch (ERB) is an extension of the SARL. As such there are two types of membership, those being: –

Full member: –

If you are a member of the SARL and you join the ERB you become a full member which gives you a vote at the ERB’s AGM.

Social member: –

If you are not a member of the SARL you can still be a member of the ERB, although as a social member you will NOT have a vote at the ERB’s AGM.

The details of the membership fees for the ERB are as follows. Note there is no difference between a full and social member.

First member of family R1200.00 p.a.

Family R1800.00 p.a

Additionally R100.00 per month for first member or R150.00 per month for family

How do you join? Just download the application form , fill in, and fax to the ERB. You need to be approved first to become a member. The annual renewal is due on 1 April and this is no April Fool’s Day hoax. In the event where a member does not renew his membership by the last day of May annually, that member will henceforth be regarded as a non-member.

Note: Where a member joins anytime after October in a particular year, the membership will be regarded as fully paid for the following year. Thus if you joined in October 2017 your renewal will only be due on 1 April 2018.