Jul 22

Peltier Element to be presented by Bato 18 August 2018

Peltier Element
Explained and Practical Demonstration
of Peltier properties
Peltier Element, also known as Peltier Pump and Thermoelectric Cooler (TE module) is a small
Electronic device that can be used to generate heat, cool down the temperature or can be used
as Voltage Generator.
Please do come and enjoy the short lecture with Practical demonstration of the Peltier
Come see, hear and touch and you will be amazed with the “magical “properties of Pettier
Also each Person will get summary of the presentation explained in writing for your own
After the Demo and explanation there will be 2 short movies viewed to see how the RF with
antennas can be used in changing the weather Patterns around the Globe.
Presenter : Bato ZS6BAT
Venue: ZS6ERB (East Rand Radio Amateur Club) Ebenzer Rd Benoni
Date: 18 August 2018
Time: 14H00
Fee: Free of charge and Everybody is welcome, Radio Amateurs or non Radio Amateurs

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