Feb 02

ERB Clubhouse – Now Waterproof

The ERB Clubhouse in Ebenezer Road was completed in January.

Granted, we don’t have a ceiling yet, but the roof, windows, doors and floor topping has been installed / built?

We need every member’s support. PLEASE donate funds, however little, it does not matter. We are now 12 months into our 18 month project and donations have died down a lot.

Without YOU, we cannot finish. Please commit yourself to a monthly donation, until the AGM at least. That leaves 8 months to make a difference.

Here is the maths…. If we are 80 members, and we each donate R100-00 a month (remember a PIZZA costs more that that….) we can collate R8000-00 per month.

Over 8 months that will be R64 000-00. This means we will be able to pay for the roof ….(YES – the club did not have the funds to finish the roof and a private person funded the roof on the premise that he will be paid BACK – No interest, no additional costs)

It also means that we will be able to start the second phase of the building, toilets and kitchen. Soooooo

If you ever thought about, (or have actually taken) a whizz behind the clubhouse because the toilets are so far away, now i the time to consider donating.

Do it NOW. Don’t wait. YOU ARE THE CLUB…….

Our banking details are…..

East Rand Radio Club


Nigel Branch

Account Number 2285-5913

Think about it… It took us this long to get SOO far… Lets finish in style!

Kind Regards

Honorary Treasurer – ZS6COG