Jan 21


The First Flea Market Event for 2017

Jan 11

East Rand Branch – Amateur Radio Club 2017

ERB Calendar 2017.Attach Please find the activities planned for the ERB on the attached ERB Calendar 2017.Calendar

Nov 15

ERB Year End Function 2016



The ERB Club extends an Invitation to all its members to join Us at the Year End Function

The Function will be a Spit Braai – There will be a cash Bar and chairs will be provided but anyone is welcome to bring their own Chairs for comfort .Please bring your own cutlery. The costs involved will be R180.00 per adult and R75.00 per children between 14 – 18 yrs. Members may deposit the monies via EFT into the ERB Banking details ABSA  Savings Account No: 2285-5913 and Branch Code No: 632 005. Members may also confirm their attendance with  a message via the whatsapp group or the official erb-email. Please confirm your attendance not later by Thursday 17th November,and pay on the 19th November.

Starting time is 14h00 but everyone is welcome from 12h00

Sep 29

ERB Flea Market 2016


The next flea market of the East Rand Amateur Radio Club will take place at 12:00 on Saturday 1 October 2016 at their club house at Arrowe Park, Ebenezer Street, Benoni.

Everyone is very welcome, come and join us and treat yourself to our famous ‘Boerewors Role’

For more information or to book a table please contact Shane Bailey, ZS6ZSB, at 076 825 3333

Sep 18

New Committee 2016 – 2017


                                                                                     ERB COMMITTEE 2016 – 2017

Front Row: Chris Nel(ZS6CPN, Johan Meyer (ZS6DMX), Connel Paul (ZS6CNP), Herman Marais (ZS6HHM)

Back Row: Armand Spruit (ZS6SPR), Jokan Steenkamp (ZS6SDJ), Willem vd Merwe (ZS6WIM), Tommy Mostert (ZS6THM)

Nov 08

Break In & Vandalism High Site – 08/11/2015

On Sunday 8/11/2015 it was discovered that unwanted visitors broke in to the High Site by vandalising and breaking the concrete slaps on the West wall to gain entrance to the premises. Despite the alarm system and other precautionary measures criminals with NO respect and arrogance keep trying steal from the site. Thank you to Francois (ZS6COI), Chris (ZS6COG) & Johan (ZS6DMX) for responding quickly prevent further intrusion.
High Site 4    High Site 3         High Site 1    High Sight 2

Nov 08

ERB Flea Market Day – 3 /10/2015

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Mar 20

Interrim Books – March 2015

If you are interested in seeing the books – Download the PDF and go through it.

Please note that these are preliminary books only and that there are still mistakes in it. This means that there may be transactions listed of which the details are either incomplete or missing or the amounts may be incorrect.

These should be corrected by the time we shut down the books for the year and have it audited.

For Queries e-mail the TREASURER – Click Me!

In March 2015 the follwaing amounts were moved through the club account

R 7 357.98

Was received

R 3 501.88

Was Paid Out

For more details download the transaction list below!

Voorlopige Boeke 20 Maart 2015

Mar 16

New ERB Member – Congrats to Norman ZS6NAT and Loulene Templeman

Congratulations on the birth of your newborn son Liam Templeman

Liam Templeman 2 Liam Templeman

The members and committee of the ERB Club herewith wish you all the best in the difficult weeks to come. God’s blessing we pray upon you and your family.

Best 73 de ZS6ERB

Mar 16

Building Fund Contributions – Thanks Guys

Hi All

Whenever you talk to these guys – Give them some extra respect for contributing to the building fund this last Financial Year –

These are our proud members!!! Thanks Guys!


2014/07/01 EFT ZS6KRL R 500.00
2014/07/23 EFT ZS6WR R 250.00
2014/07/30 EFT ZS6BEN R 100.00
2014/07/31 EFT ZS6HE R 200.00
2014/08/04 EFT ZSL1013 R 100.00
2014/08/11 EFT ZSL1013 R 500.00
2014/08/26 EFT ZS6ABT BOUFONDS R 500.00
2014/08/29 EFT ZS6BEN R 100.00
2014/09/30 EFT ZS6BEN R 100.00
2014/10/30 EFT ZS6BEN R 100.00
2014/11/18 EFT ZS6ZSB Building R 200.00
2014/11/21 EFT Piet Coetzee ZS6NKA R 200.00
2014/11/22 EFT Chris Gryffenberg ZS6COG R 200.00
2014/11/25 EFT ZS6JAT Boufonds R 200.00
2014/11/28 EFT ZS6BEN Boufonds R 200.00
2014/12/30 EFT ZS6BEN Boufonds R 100.00
2015/01/30 ERB0039 PIETER JACOBS ZS6XT R 200.00
2015/01/30 ERB0040 Louise Jacobs R 200.00
2015/01/30 EFT ZS6BEN Boufonds R 100.00
2015/01/31 ERB0031 Stephen Stuttard ZS6SKY R 20.00
2015/01/31 ERB0032 Kobie ZS6PVB R 20.00
2015/02/07 EFT ZS6JAT Boufonds R 150.00
2015/02/21 ERB0047 (a) Bato Jokovlevic ZS6BAT R 200.00
2015/02/21 ERB0048 Elize & Hampie ZS6ECF & ZS6HJF R 200.00
2015/02/24 EFT ZS6JAT Boufonds R 200.00
2015/03/02 EFT ZS6BEN Boufonds R 100.00
2015/03/11 EFT ZS6JAT Boufonds R 150.00
2015/03/17 ERB0052 Guillaume R 100.00


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